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Duke University, 1981 - 1990
UC San Francisco, 1990 - 1993
Vanderbilt University, 1993 - present

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1_ACR_ACS.m4v First video of “adjustable” artificial chordal replacement, presented at the ACS meeting, October, 2003.

2_ACR_AHA.m4v Presentation of“adjustable” ACR at AHA meeting, November, 2003, published as: Rankin JS, Orozco RE, Rodgers TL, et al. “Adjustable” artificial chordal replacement for repair of mitral valve prolapse. Ann Thorac Surg 2006;81:1526-1528.

3_ACR_Barlows.m4v This video was presented at the STS meeting January 2004. It was the first to describe ACR for Barlow’s valves.

4_PACR.m4v The use of ACR for repair of isolated posterior leaflet prolapse - presented at the STS meeting January, 2005.

5_UACR.m4v This video was presented at the Sorin Group valve symposium, AATS meeting, May, 2007. It illustrates uniform repair techniques for all mitral and tricuspid pathologies.

11_MIMA.m4v This presentation involved the clinical benefits of multiple IMA grafting at 20-years of followup, and was given at the STS meeting January, 2006. The study was published as: Rankin JS, Tuttle RH, Wechsler AS, et al. Techniques and benefits of multiple internal mammary artery bypass at 20 years. Ann Thorac Surg 2007;83:1008-1015. This video illustrates total aortic replacement in a patient with Marfan syndrome and was presented at the Griepp aortic symposium, New York, 2008. This video was presented at the Cardiovascular Symposium on “New techniques of mitral valve repair” of the AHA meeting, November, 2008 on ACR for mitral valve prolapse. This video will be presented at the STSA meeting November, 2009. It shows multiple cases of mitral valves with severe rheumatic pathology undergoing repair - probably the first ACR for rheumatic disease. It was published as: Rankin JS, Sharma MK, Teague SM, et al. A new method of mitral valve repair for rheumatic disease: preliminary study. J Heart Valve Dis 2008;17:614-619.

18_Trends_in_MVR.m4v This video was presented at the STSA meeting November 2008 and published as: Rankin JS, Burrichter CA, Walton-Shirley MK, et al. Trends in mitral valve surgery: a single practice experience. J Heart Valve Dis 2009;18:359-366.

22_Techniques_Multiple _Valve_Repair.m4v Video submitted to STS meeting 2010. It has good aortic valve repair techniques in addition to mitral and tricuspid repairs.

23_HOCM_Mitral_Repair.m4v Video submitted to STS meeting 2010 shows the first HOCM patients treated with anterior papillary muscle resection and ACR. It was published as: Rankin JS, Binford RS, Johnston TS. A new mitral valve repair strategy for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. J Heart Valve Dis 2008;17:642-647.

24_ACR_in_Complex_MVR.m4v Video about ACR in complex mitral repair presented at the "Symposium on mitral valve repair" at the SHVD meeting in Berlin, June 2009. This video was produced with new technology, and it is first-rate quality.

25_Frater_Intro.m4v This was the introduction to Bob Frater’s Keynote address at the “Mitral valve repair symposium”, SHVD, June, 2009.

26_Multiple_Valve_Model.m4v This presentation on an STS multiple valve mortality model was given at the SHVD meeting, June, 2009.