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Duke University, Dr. David C. Sabiston
University of Alabama, Dr. John. W. Kirklin

Duke University, 1981 - 1990
UC San Francisco, 1990 - 1993
Vanderbilt University, 1993 - present

American Board of Surgery
American Board of Thoracic Surgery

American Association for Thoracic Surgery
Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Society of Heart Valve Disease
American College of Surgeons
Sabiston Surgical Society


An Intra-Annular ‘Hemispherical’ Annuloplasty Frame
for Aortic Valve Repair (PDF)

A ‘Hemispherical’ model of aortic valve geometry was developed in which normal human cadaveric aortic valve leaflets could be represented as three hemispheres nested within a cylindrical aorta. By mathematically describing the junction between the leaflets and aorta, the normal three-dimensional annular geometry of the aortic valve could be defined. In this study, a prototype annuloplasty frame based on this model was tested as a repair device in isolated porcine aortic root preparations.


Changing Outcome Characteristics of Multiple Valve Surgery in North America: A 15-Year Perspective and Comparison to Single Valve Procedures (PDF)

Purpose: While results in valvular heart surgery seem to be improving, too few multiple valve cases are available in most centers to appreciate changes in outcome. This study examined trends in national results for multiple valve procedures over the past 15 years, within the context of overall valve surgery. Methods: From 1994 through 2007, 623,039 valve procedures were divided into three 5-year periods and grouped into single aortic (A), mitral (M) and tricuspid (T) operations, along with AM, MT, AT and AMT +/- coronary artery bypass grafting. Pulmonary valve surgery was excluded. Trends in baseline characteristics were documented, and logistic regression analysis adjusted for differences in preoperative patient profiles. Outcomes were expressed as unadjusted operative mortality (UOM), adjusted odds ratios for mortality (AORM) and a composite of mortality and major complications (AORC).